Friday, July 31, 2009

Cool Roofs

Relying on the centuries-old principle that white objects absorb less heat than dark ones, malls in US are in the vanguard of a movement embracing “cool roofs” as one of the most affordable weapons against climate change

Cool roofs reduce energy costs by as much as 20 percent in the tropics – thes
e translate to lower CO2 emissions. In fact, Art Rosenfeld, a member of the California Energy Commission says that turning all of the world’s roofs white could save more than 24 billion tons of CO2 over the next 20 years.

What is more, a white roof can cost as little as 15 percent more than its dark c
ounterpart, depending on the materials used. (Lawrence Berkley Labs). Also, in US the Cool roofs are eligible for federal stimulus dollars, low cost financing from major utilities and are also eligible for tax credits.

Wal-mart’s new stores in US for the p
ast decade all have cool roofs with solar panels. But now the momentum is increasingly catching the home owners. This has prompted more business to come up and more research is going on across research labs towards highly reflective low cost paints


Jay Takle said...

So is it just white exterior paint for the roofs or white paint plus solar panels?

Vishnuvardhanan Vijayakumar said...

Just white paint reduces a lot of CO2!

Lawrence Berkley Lab and National labs in Tennessee are now working on highly reflective paints, self cleaning paints and solar cell which could be sprayed as paints.

Shankar said...

What an idea Vishnuji !!!...he he..i felt guilty for not posting any comments so is not that i didnt read your is only that i felt too lazy to type..keep up the good work man