Friday, September 25, 2009

Facebook for school & college education

Software’s are driving and catalyzing innovations in all spheres of our daily lives. And as more and more ‘focused’ software’s are being developed, the impacts they create will also get bigger and bigger.

Four years back people could have never foreseen Facebook / Orkut creating such a big impact. It has become one of the most essential tools helping us ‘connect’ and ‘reach out’ to friends and family across the continents. All this and more in a single web page. It has changed the way as to how we build and grow our friendship.

This made me wonder if we were to develop software / software’s focused for our school and college education, how will that be? What features should it have? I decided I will make a go and list down things which I would have if I was the software architect (Software development and me are miles apart!).

I made 4 categories – Student Assist – Teacher / Professor Assist – Parents Assist – Career Assist. These are just to organize and list down the features but the final system should integrate and bring it in a single, simple and easy to use package. Also I think the final system should utilize multiple types of devices PC’s, mobile phones, PDA’s, Kindle’s and a lot more.